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Are You Looking to Go From Brassy to Sassy?

Is your hair looking limp and and feeling lifeless? That means it’s time to go Cool… Cool Blonde Shampoo, Conditioner and Illuminator by Affinage is one of our favorite products. If you are ready to go from brassy to sassy and restore your shine this is how Cool Blonde works…

Cool Blonde Shampoo

Cool Blonde Shampoo not only strips your hair of impurities left over from other hair care products. It also has violet and silver color pigments that help even out the yellow tones in your blonde hair. Resulting in a bright, beautiful and intense shine.

Cool Blonde Conditioner

Cool Blonde Conditioner takes your new blonde experience to a new level by hydrating and brightening your hair. If you want a smooth and sleek style, use Cool Blonde Conditioner when you use Cool Blonde Shampoo.


We at the True Beauty Hair Studio, recommend using the shampoo and conditioner together in order to maximize your results.

Cool Blonde Illuminator

If you want your new blonde tones to last longer or if you are in need of a  more intense treatment try the Cool Blonde Illuminator. This deep conditioner is also a semi-permanent toner!


Cool Blonde Illuminator removes the yellowing of your hair and neutralizes color pigments that return your hair’s natural luster leaving it soft, healthy and illuminating.


You can pick up the Cool Blonde series at the True Beauty Hair Studio.


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