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Amanda and Megan are always looking for the best and most affordable products for True Beauty Studio. When your hair is healthy and beautiful, you feel better about yourself. One of the favorite product lines at True Beauty is the Eufora line. Eufora products is innovative and uses extracts from flowers and plants to develop their products.


Eufora Aloetherapy True Beauty  Aloetherapy hair and body care calms, soothes, repairs skin and has been clinically tested to reduce irritation. Aloe therapy products are a great way to start and end the day. Made from certified organic aloe stem cells, find you True Calming Beauty with Aloetherapy.





Eufora Curl'n True BeautyAre you ready to take control of your curls? Eufora Curl’n product line is what every curly girl wants! Now you can get vivacious, frizz free curl. Go with a light texture, soft wave or go with big vivacious curls. It’s time to celebrate your True Beauty Curls!





Eufora Smooth'n True BeautyIs your hair unruly and uncooperative? Eudora’s Smooth’n product line holds your hair accountable to the rules for good hair days. Smooth’n fights frizz and transforms your hair creating a silky, smooth and effortless look. Are you ready to find your True Sleek Beauty?





nourish-eufora-490x300Like all long lasting relationships, your relationship with your hair needs to be Nourished. Efuora’s nourished product line adds moisture and repairs damage to overworked hair. Your hair will love the proteins, vitamins, natural oils and extracts. Ask your stylist if it’s time to Nourish your True Beauty.





Eufora Volume True BeautyIt’s happened to all of us… we wash our hair, apply the right amount of product, blow dry our hair then curl it. For a few brief moments while we look in the mirror we smile and try to convince ourselves the perfect amount of volume will last all day. By the time we make it to our car, all signs of a good hair day is gone. Efuora Volume product line found the right formula and regimen to create weightless body, definite and lift that will last!




Eufora Thickening True BeautyEufora has found a way to restore fragile, thin and thinning hair.  The Eufora Thickening product line improves scalp and hair health by promoting oxygen to the scalp, stimulates hair follicles and scalp, calms irritation and contains plant extracts that prevent follicle atrophy and anchors your hair to the scalp. Eufora Thickening allows you to love the True Beauty of your hair.



Beautifying Elixirs

Eufora Beautifying elixirsOver time, hair products and the environement can cause damage to hair leading to dull and dry hair. If it’s time to repair and bring back your natural volume and shine, consult with a stylist to find the best route back to discovering your Natural True Beauty hair.




Eufora Style

Eufora Style True BeautyEufora Style gives you the confidence to make your own styling statement. Create bold shapes or go with a classic silhouette. Celebrate your individuality with Eufora Styling products. Are you ready to embrace your True Unique Beauty?






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