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Xtreme Lashes – Eye Lash Extensions

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*** Eyelash Extensions***

WebOur team is very excited to announce a new service to everyone. We are now offering Semi-permanent eyelash extensions that almost anyone can wear. They are great for someone whom is wanting to wear them definitely, for an event, or a bride. We offer different levels of lash extensions with the options to have a full set applied one time and then maintenance re-lash so you never have to go without lashes again.

Longevity of lashes can be extended with the proper aftercare will be discussed during service.

Get Flirty…..

This is for the person that is wanting that natural look or wanting to try Xtreme lash extensions. This is a full set of lash extensions 40-60 lashes on each eye $200

Look At Me Lashes….

Extra volume, length, or even a little color to make your eyes pop. Also great for the bride who is wanting a pop but a softer look on your big day. You will have anywhere from 60-80 lashes on each eye. $250


Give Me Volume….

This is for the person wanting more VOLUME and to really stand out! This is our basic volumation package and ideal for anyone wanting to be worry free of mascara. Great for everyday wear and brides wanting a more natural for their wedding! You can expect anywhere from 80-150 lashes on each eye, we price this service by hour $155 per hour with a 2 hour minimum time requirement.

Big And Bold….

xtreme-lash-1This is for the person that is wanting the ultimate bold and dramatic look with a lash extensions on every lash with our volumation technique. This service is ideal for anyone with minimal natural lashes or with gaps, also for that bride that is wanting to really stand out on her big day without the worry of taking her lashes off, and being able to keepĀ them through the honeymoon. You will have 150+ lashes on each eye, we price this service by hour $155 per hour with a 3 hour minimum time requirement.


Re-lash is lash maintenance. You can choose your re-lash appointment by time, and we recommend your re-lash appointments between 2-4 weeks (4 being the longest, after 4 weeks a full set will need to be applied).

35 min : $75

55 min re-lash- $95

90 min re-lash- $120

If you want to upgrade to more lashes during your re-lash there will be an additional $20-$45 upgrade fee, on top of the re-lash price, depending on the number of lashes upgraded to.

VisitĀ http://www.xtremelashes.com for more information.

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