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How to Achieve Beautiful Thick Hair in 4 Easy Steps

Part 2 of the Add a Little Volume Series

How healthy is your hair? We feed our bodies so we can maintain our energy and function in our day to day lives. What you eat does impact your hair but did you know that you can apply certain products directly to your hair to provide it with the nutritional support it needs? At the True Beauty Hair Studio we like to recommend the Euphora Thickening Product Line. It’s possible to achieve beautiful thick hair in 4 easy steps. You don’t have to add to your daily routine, simple replace a few products that are not working with products that will lead to beautiful healthy results!

1.   Cleansing and Conditioning Treatments

Start off your thickening treatment with the Euphora Conditioning Treatement and Euphora Cleansing Treatments. They work together to improve the health of your scalp and promote hair growth. Over time hair follicles can become clogged due to the hair products we use and other environmental conditions. The thickening duo consist of:

  • Aloe plant extracts promotes oxygen to the scalp helping hair live longer
  • ProAmino Peptide Complex reduces causes leading to premature hair loss
  • Aloe plant extract sooths dry and itchy scalps
  • Blend of antioxidants help prevent environmental damage to the follicle and scalp
  • Essential oils help increase energy and oxygen to the scalp
  • Mix of B vitamins that help hair growth

Essentially the two are a shampoo and conditioning treatment that is applied when you wash your hair. The Euphora Cleansing Treatment is a wash and rinse and in order to maximize the Euphora Conditioning Treatment, we recommend leaving in your hair for 3 to 5 minutes.

2.   Thickening Serum

The thickening serum is a leave in treatment that helps thicken when you blow dry your hair. The leave in treatment provides amino acids that nourish the hair all day. The secret lies in our special ingredients. Not only does the Euphora Thickening Serum nourish the scalp and hair follicles but it also contain tapioca starch to help thicken your hair without making your hair feel sticky or tacky.

3.   Scalp Treatment

Help protect your scalp and nourish your hair follicles all day long with the Eurphora Scalp Treatment. Euphora has created a unique system of amino acids combined with aloe stem cells to create the ultimate in scalp protection. This special proprietary blend:

  • Stimulates the scalp
  • Opens up the follicles to promote oxygen and growth
  • Calms irritated scalps

Spray the Euphora Scalp Treatment onto your scalp. Do not spray the treatment into the full length of your hair. This is a daily treatment that you do not rinse out. Simply apply in the morning or evening before going to bed. The best part about the treatment is that you can apply it to wet or dry hair. So if you blow dry your hair and forget to apply… it’s never too late!

4.   Nutritional Support

Need a little lagniappe to your overall hair health? Most of us try to eat healthy but it’s practically impossible to fit in the vitamins and minerals that our bodies let alone hair needs to sustain optimal health. That’s why Euphora has developed a supplement specifically designed to improve the health of your hair. The special nutritional formula not only supports great hair, it’s also great for your nails and skin.

  • B-vitamins and Biotin to keep hair healthy and encourage growth
  • Biotin and Keratin to increase hair elasticity
  • Special mix of antioxidant vitamins that improves the health of your roots

It’s easy to add these simple four steps that lead to beautiful thick hair. Remember…

True Beauty starts with good nutrition for you and your hair.

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