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How to Make Your Hair Extensions Last the Length of Summer

Hair extensions are great for increasing the length of your hair, but that’s just the bare minimum. Hair extensions can bring beautiful hairstyles to life—providing a long, fuller look. The summer is a time to let your hair (extensions) down and enjoy the sunny weather, but we all know that the summer can be the arch nemesis of hair. Extensions are no exception, but there are ways to manage your extensions so your longer, fuller looks don’t fall flat.

In the summer, your hair is assaulted by sun, sweat, chlorine and for those that hit the beach – salt water. The mix of all these things can leave your extensions a disheveled mess. No one wants to see their hair drift off with the tide!

Here are a few tips we recommend:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate-free products tend to not build up around the bonds.
  • Use a wet brush when you brush your hair.
  • Use a thin hair straightner and avoid excessive heat on the bonds.
  • Braid your hair at night before going to bed to avoid hair matting.

Your extensions should be handled with care, no matter the season. Brush your hair every single day, and make sure you are regularly visiting your stylist for treatments (as needed). At True Beauty, our team is always hair to make sure those extensions look amazing all summer long!

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