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Meet Our Stylists

A hair stylist has to understand and respond to their guest’s needs. A stylist that is dedicated to the industry seeks out new trends and stays current with products and techniques. At True Beauty, we encourage positive relationships and education from all of our stylists.

Meet the True Beauty Stylists

Megan Webb – Co-Owner

Megan Webb True BeautyThe True Beauty’s mission is to make sure our guests feel appreciated, comfortable, welcomed and important from the moment they walk through the door and well after they leave. Co-owning a business and being a stylist is not just a job because helping others is a personal passion of mine. My personal and professional fulfillment comes from helping others discover their True Beauty.

I also believe in education. I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2007 and I love to pass on my knowledge of the industry to other stylists and our guests. Seeing other stylists succeed and helping our guests discover their True Beauty is very rewarding.

In 2007 when I met Amanda, we instantly started to develop the concept of True Beauty and figure out how we can impact how people see themselves. Now, our dream has become a reality. We did not just put together a good team, we created an amazing, supportive, positive and creative family within our studio. We accomplished our dream in a relatively short period of time because of the love and support from our stylists, family and amazing guests.

Amanda Wellerman-Gautreau – Co-Owner

Amanda Wellerman True Beauty
Megan and I wanted to create a studio where clients could feel like True Beauty is their own private escape and feels comfortable enough to safe and discover their true self. I want guests to feel like we tried our best and the we care so much, they want to come back sooner rather than later. Helping others both personally and professionally is my purpose in life.

Megan and I have built a great team that is driven and passionate about their careers in the beauty industry. I like to share my personal experiences with the stylists in efforts to provide encouragement and build confidence. I want to do everything I can to ensure they receive the technical education and customer service education to help them achieve their goals and keep their clients happy and feeling beautiful.

Discovering your True Beauty means discovering your sense of purpose. Our studio is filled with a team that cares and wants to know the true you. We teach makeup application, make recommendations for hair styles and treatments that fit personal lifestyles and want everyone to enjoy their experience from the moment guests walk through the door.  No other profession compares to being a stylist. We experience the emotions of helping guests feel and look their best; True Beauty means exceeding guests expectations and sharing in their happiness and joy.

Kelsey Babin – Stylist

True Beauty isn’t always your physical appearance, it’s who you are as a person. As long as your beautiful on the inside, you are Gorgeous in my eyes! Looking your best on the outside can boost confidence and help you stand a little bit taller. I love coloring hair, both men’s and women’s cuts and styles, wax, makeup and updo’s are my specialties.

To me, cut and styling combined with the right makeup is an art form; that’s why I love what I do. As a stylist no two days are ever alike. I love the dynamics of meeting and talking with different people. I like to take my time and make sure your new style is perfect. You may sit a little longer in my chair, but it’s worth it and I promise time will just fly by.

At True Beauty, we don’t have client’s we have extended family. If you are looking for a studio that is fun, comfortable and knows the latest trends book an appointment with me so we can work on discovering your True Beauty.

Morgan Leigh Babin – Stylist

I’ve been in the industry for 5 years and specialize in blow outs! I love each and every one of my clients and I am dedicated to making them happy. I’m adamant about catering to each client’s specific wants and needs. I am so excited to be a part of the True Beauty Family.







Morgan Duchamp – Stylist

I enjoy working with women’s hair. I see limitless possibilities when a woman sits down in my chair. I love being creative with color! My specialty is Balayage, Ombres, Highlights and working with vivid colors.

True Beauty is a mission. As men and women we all have our flaws. I believe in learn to love  what we can’t change and work on the ones we can. The best part about being a stylist is talking to and listening to my guests and watching their reaction when I am finished styling them.

I also believe your overall style goes beyond the hair, I have several years experience with spray tanning and eyebrow waxing. If you are looking to discover a new style and stand out I would love to help you find your True Beauty!

The True Beauty Studio is one big happy family, that includes the guests! It’s a place to relax, be yourself and be comfortable.

Mary Green – Stylist

I have always wanted to be a stylist, everyday I get to go to work at True Beauty and live my dreams helping women feel beautiful and fulfill their beauty needs.

I standout as a stylist because my playfulness comes out when I style my clients. Cuts, colors, dreads, messy buns, and high sassy ponytails… I can find the perfect style for anyone.

Working at True Beauty is the perfect fit for me because we treat everyone like family, have fun at work, and literally help make the world a prettier place. 🙂



Alex DuBree – Stylist










Darien Campos – Salon Coordinator

Darien is the backbone of True Beauty. She makes sure all of the stylists stay organized and running on time. Our clients love her because she makes sure everyone is comfortable from the time they arrive to the time they leave.

From ordering products, setting appointments, and helping out where ever we need it, Darien is a valued member of our team!






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