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Sizzle This Summer

With the summer months coming, women are searching for the it look to turn heads and bring the heat. At True Beauty Hair Studio, we are always up-to-date with hair and fashion trends. From bold chops, to statement ‘dos, our stylist can bring your summer look to life. This summer is bringing high temps and hot looks. We have put together a list of five of the hottest summer looks women are flocking to sport.

#1 Get the 411! The 80’s Are Back!

The big and voluminous hair of the 80’s have come back in full! Big, full up-dos and semi up-dos are back in style. These hairstyles have loads of personality and they can range from cleaner looks, to edgier, messier looks. The crown is where these hairstyles truly shine. The high voluminous crown gives off a luxurious mystique. It’s super easy to get this look too. Simply tease the hair with a comb and grab the hairspray. And be inventive! Curl the bangs, sport a ponytail with it, or sweep the hair to one side.


Courtesy of fashinisers.com

#2 Make a Splash This Summer

For natural wavy hair, allowing it to air dry can give it that beachy look. The beach waves are going to be, well, sweeping the beaches this summer. It gives off a care-free vibe while still managing to look intentional. But let’s be real: the heat this summer makes it almost impossible to keep the waves perfect and smooth. Just partially curl your with a mid-sized curling iron and use texturizer which wild give it that semi-messy look.

Courtesy of instyle.com

#3 On Top [Plait] of the Game!

This easy breezy style infuses sleek and messy with a combination of a high ponytail and a fishtail braid. It immediately gives off that slightly unkempt look that occurs anyway by the end of the day. The hairstyle is so versatile. It can transform into a topknot on the fly with the help of a few bobby pins.

Courtesy of elle.com

#4 A Little Avant-garde

Some of these hairstyles may be too much for you, but don’t be scared away. Rather, make these your own and try more toned down versions of these architectural hairstyles. The hairstyles combine tons of gel and lots of flat-ironing. Try pulling your hair into a ponytail and styling from there. The end-result is something edgy, but something maintained as well.  As we said, this summer is all about bold looks and statements!

Courtesy of fashionisers.com

#5 Fun with a Little Bit of Flair on the Side

This summer a look that is making waves is the side ponytail. Tons of celebrities are sporting voluminous side ponytails and hairstyles that are both elegant and chic. And the beauty of these hairstyles is that they are so easy to achieve. With this, we also see a bold return of the ‘80’s. The side ponytail spices up what could be a bland low ponytail and gives it a bit character. If you have naturally curly hair, use a natural-bristle brush to tame the hair and give a lush volume.

Courtesy of instyle.com

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