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Time for a Change

Making big changes to your hair can be both exciting, and anxiety-inducing. Maybe you want to go for a big by going from long to short, or maybe you want to add some color. In any case, a new look can be quite rewarding. It can boost your confidence, or introduce you to looks you never knew you could pull off. This could be the perfect time to let your hair down—so to speak—or even put it up in something sleek and poised, or fun and free. Your hair is just as versatile as your wardrobe, so there are so many ways to dress it up or down. Take a look at a few hairstyles trending:

# 1 Eye-Length Fringe   

Making a big chop is a big decision. It drastically changes how you look, but there is a simple solution: long bangs. Keeping your bangs long, say eye-length, is a way to change up your look without drastically altering the length.

But the fringe is great for many different hair textures. Have curls? Perfect!

# 2 Natural

A lot of women have been going natural. They have abandoned chemicals and heat, and are embracing the natural texture of their hair. Styling your natural hair can be a wonderful journey and lifestyle change. Make sure to be forthcoming about the products you use when you visit your stylist.

# 3 Cool-Girl Shags

The shag has been popular for the last two years, and the beauty of the style, is that it looks amazing on straight and wavy hair—long or short. The silhouette is gorgeous, complete with soft lines and layers. The shag is very versatile, but the thing that ties them all together is the soft lines.

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