Eco-Friendly Hair Products
at True Beauty Hair Studio

At True Beauty Hair Studio, we are always looking for the finest and most affordable ecological hair products to use. Feel your hair transform into healthy and beautiful locks with Eufora. Eufora products are innovative and use extracts from more than 100 flowers and plants, including certified organic aloe. All materials are classified as renewable resources and considered biodegradable. It’s a hair product line we recommend to get the most shine out of your hair.

Use Eufora Products in Your Beauty Care Routine to Nourish

Hair product line with white and green containers


Aloetherapy has been clinically tested to reduce irritation while calming and repairing skin. Aloetherapy products are a great way to start and end the day with soft, silky skin, without the use of harsh chemicals. This product is made from certified organic aloe stem cells for maximum moisture retention. 

Assortment of hair proucts with white, purple, and grey bottles


Are you ready to take control of your curls? Get a lively frizz-free bouncy curl with Eufora’s Curl’n Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner. Keep your light texture, soft wave, or big vivacious curls in place with Curl’n Defining Solution or Perfect Curl Activator.

Multi-colored hair product bottles in white, grey, and blue green containers


Is your hair unruly and uncooperative? Eufora’s Smooth’n products fight messy frizz and transform your hair into a silky, smooth and effortless look.

Assortment of hair products with blue, white, and grey containers


Like all long-lasting relationships, your relationship with your hair needs to be nourished. Eufora’s Nourish products add extra moisture and repair damage to dry, overworked hair. Your hair will love the proteins, vitamins, natural oils, and extracts.

Assorted bottles of hair products in white, orange, and grey containers


Don’t let your flawless updo fall flat! Eufora’s Volume is the right formula to create a weightless body and definite lift that will last. Volume is a long-lasting product that will give you up to 64 percent fuller hair.

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Eufora has found a way to restore fragile, thin, and thinning hair. Eufora Thickening products improve scalp and hair health by promoting oxygen to the scalp, stimulating hair follicles while calming scalp irritation. This product contains plant extracts that prevent follicle atrophy and anchors your hair to the scalp. Eufora Thickening allows you to love the True Beauty of your hair.

Vairety of hair products in purple, grey, and black containers

Beautifying Elixirs

Over time, hair products and the environment can cause damage to hair, leading to dull and dry hair. Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs products work to repair and restore the natural volume, shine and color to your hair. Expect vibrant results with this product as it richens tones and conditions your hair.

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Eufora Style

Eufora Style gives you the confidence to make your styling statement. Eufora offers a variety of styling products made to keep your hairstyle in place. From forming creams to hairsprays, you’re sure to find the product that is perfect for your hair type.