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Salon Hair Products Approved by Our Stylists

At True Beauty, we are always on the lookout for the most natural, safest, trendy, and effective makeup and salon hair products for our guests. Our goal is to educate our guests on the importance of using healthy haircare and beauty practices and products for shinier hair and well-nourished skin. If we support a product, that means we have done our homework and love to use them ourselves.

Assorted bottles of hair products in white, orange, and grey containers

Eufora – Eco-Friendly, Innovative Salon Hair Products

We house Eufora hair products in our studio because these organic curling, straightening, and repairing products transforms hair into healthy locks using extracts from more than 100 flowers and plants, including certified organic aloe. These salon hair products restore moisturize and improve the quality of your hair, for any hair type. Come into our studio today in Baton Rouge and find the Eufora product that is best for you.

Norvell – The Choice Spray Tan at True Beauty Hair Studio

Norvell sunless tanning products are created with organic ingredients and limit ultraviolet ray exposure. This is the same brand of tanner used on Dancing with the Stars! Achieve a silky right-off-the-beach glow for any upcoming event with a spray tanning session using Norvell at True Beauty.

Box of self-tanning products
Light blue hair product bottles

Affinage – Get More Vibrant Color without Damaging Hair

Affinage is an eco-friendly series of hair coloring and repair products available at True Beauty Hair Studio. Affinage has a wide range of hair coloring shades, highlighting, color removal, shampoos, conditioners, and styling products available for guests while exercising their believe in putting out healthy, sustainable products.

Keratherapy – Tame Frizzy, Unruly Hair with Natural Hair Salon Products

Keratherapy at True Beauty Hair Studio is a product line created to tame wild hair easily using natural keratin chemistry for smooth, manageable hair. This product smooths and gives the shine to your locks that you have always wanted with low-maintenance. Talk to one of our True Beauty stylists for more on how to get your hair under control and looking healthy for months at a time.

Several blue-colored hair product bottles

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