Full Body Waxing Available
at True Beauty Studio in Baton Rouge

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and say hello to silkier skin with full-body waxing available for men and women at True Beauty Hair Studio in Baton Rouge. Our waxes will leave your skin silky smooth with finer regrowth and without the nicks and cuts you can get from shaving razors. Get a comfortable waxing experience when you trust the professionals at True Beauty.

Benefits of Waxing vs. Other Methods of Hair Removal

Waxing is a more efficient form of removing hair than shaving or depilatory creams. A few benefits of waxing are:

  • Removal of large amounts of hair in one treatment
  • Longer lasting hair removal than other methods
  • Slower hair regrowth to waxed areas
  • Softer hair regrowth in areas consistently waxed over a period of time

Our waxing studio in Baton Rouge uses two different types of waxes, Relax & Wax hard wax and Waxxxpress softwax.


Full Body Waxing Prices:

Why Wax at True Beauty Hair Studio Instead of Doing It Myself at Home?

A lot can go wrong if you decide to wax at home instead of visiting us. Waxing on your own can be dangerous. You risk burning your skin or getting a rash that may need medical care to repair. Plus, not all waxes are made for all skin types. At our waxing studio in Baton Rouge, we have a variety of waxes that will moisturize and nourish skin unlike wax in the local drug store. Don’t risk the pain and damage – come in today for a quick and painless wax that will leave your skin smooth and healthy.